The Cause

The Benefits

The Organization

Indiana Passenger Rail Alliance


The Organization.

Incorporated in 1994, the Indiana Passenger Rail Alliance is comprised of grassroots citizens, professionals, and government representatives who are advocating for and dedicated to the development of a high speed rail transportation system that connects our great Indiana communities to those across the Midwestern United States.

The Mission.

With the support of Indiana's citizens, businesses, and government agencies, the Indiana Passenger Rail Alliance (IPRA) seeks to promote development of a multimodal high speed rail network across Indiana and across the Midwest. IPRA envisions a system consistent with sustainable environmental and energy policy, sound fiscal policy, and smart transportation policy.

High speed rail provides the critical backbone for a modern multimodal transportation system that includes passenger rail. IPRA believes that the time has come for Indiana to take a leadership role in planning, designing, building and operating a transportation system for the 21st century.

The IPRA Goals.